No Login Screen/Blank Login Screen Window 10/Lock Screen Issue


Upon Startup of Windows 10, the In ital screen appear (with Date/Time as per below


Upon click/typing to move to next screen to begin logging in there is NO Username/Password prompt although the Network/Accessibility/Power Icons appear at the bottom right.


or a Constantly Spinning Progress


I first discovered this during Optimising my Windows 10 for VDI and in a certain condition it would appear (mainly if any alteration where made to local users on the Windows 10 PC.

It would appear it affect:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise Edition – 1607 (Anniversary)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Edition – 1703 (Creators)

Also tested it on Professional with the same issue


After a very lengthy time troubleshooting this and identifying it was the services section in my Optimisation script i begin the process of elimination to see which service would causing the issue to occur.

Upon setting Startup Type of “Device Association Service” to Disabled, Creating a Local User and rebooting the issue occurred.

I then started my PC up in Safe mode – Set service back to Manual and the issue was resolved.


  1. Big thanks for posting this information, worked for me too!

    I support a handful of PCI VMs and struggled with the same problem. All machines were recently upgraded from 1511 direct to 1703 as a part of an effort to biannually refresh the machines. In my case i was using the customization script of the linked clones to generate a unique local userID for each machine.

    Once I isolated the problem to the VMware Optimization Tool and then to the Disable Services area I was able to find your post to suggest the specific service to modify. Normally the Optimization tool touches around 60 services so this saved me a lot of time by pointing me directly to the correct one.


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