Citrix PVS 7.13 – Part 3: Deploying PVS Images and assigning to Machine Catalog

Create additional PVS Devices

Step 1: Create additional devices on the hypervisor, in my case it is XenServer 7.1. i have created LAB-W2K16-PVS-02


Step 2: Obtain the MAC address of Server, found on the network tab of the VM


Step 3: Open Provisioning Console and browse to  LABPVSFRM >SITES>LABSITE>DEVICE COLLECTION>LAB


Step 4: Right Click LAB Collection. Click Create Device


Step 5: Enter the Device Name and MAC Address


Step 6: Select vDisk Tab, Click Add


Step 7: Select PVS Store\LAB-W2K16-PVS-MST, Click OK


Step 8: Click OK again


Step 9: Click OK again

NOTE: Ensure a Machine Account is created in AD for the newly created device,

Create Machine Catalogue

Step 1: At Citrix Studio, Select Machine Catalogs, Then Click Create Machine Catalog


Step 2: Click Next at Introduction


Step 3: At Operating System, Select Server OS and Click Nextmc-image2

Step 3: At Machine Management – This machines catalog will use : Select Machines that are power managed and Deploy machines using : Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS). Click Next


Step 4: Add Provisioning Services Server address: LAB-PVS1 , Click Connect. Expand LabSite\LAB Collection. Click Next

NOTE: The user account running this task needs to be a member of the PVS administrators


Step 5: A list of devices in the LAB Collection will be displayed. Click Next


Step 8: At Summary Screen, Enter machine catalog name & description for administrators. In my case i will be calling it LAB-W2K16-PVS-MCG. Click Finish


Step 9: Machine called will now be created.


Step 10: This will be confirmed by new machine catalog appearing in Citrix studioPVS44

Step 11: This is now ready to be assigned to a delivery group ready for users to access the resource.


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Citrix PVS 7.13 – Part 2: Create and Test PVS Image – Windows Server 2016

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