Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops 7.13 Available

What’s new can be found here

Products/Components changes:-

  • XenApp/XenDesktop 7.13
    • Support for Adaptive Transport in HDX
    • Seamless Linux Apps
  • Director
    • Application-centric Troubleshooting
    • Transport Protocol on session details (related to Adaptive Transport intro)
  • AppDNA 7.13
    • Updated Logging Mechanism
  • Provisioning Services 7.13
    • Caching of Stream VM’s on Hypervisor (requires XenServer 7.1) reducing streaming bandwidth – PVS Accelerator
    • Linux Streaming
  • Workspace Environment Management 4.2
    • Now supports all versions of Citrix Profile Management up to v5.6.
  • Linux VDA 7.13
  • Server/Desktop VDA 7.13
    • Adaptive Transport support
    • HDX 3Pro support for AMD GPU
    • Intel Iris pro graphics process better performance
    • Enhanced drawing support for tablets
    • Auto client reconnect and session reliability consistency
    • Client drive mapping file copy performance enhancements
  • Session Recording 7.13
    • Database Names now configurable
    • Database High Availability
  • Storefront 3.9 – citrix blog post here
    • SAML Authentication
    • Better Netscaler Gateway Integration (Allows importing of Netscaler Config for easier storefront configuration)
    • CEIP Enrolment automatically
    • Support for Adaptive Transport in HDX

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