Disabling Client Choices on Citrix ADC

Client choices are the logon choices received by a user who logs on to a NetScaler Gateway. These choices can be determined by creating a session policy and profile. There can be up to three icons representing the following logon choices:

  • ICA Proxy
  • Clientless VPN
  • Full VPN/Network Access


To disable/prevent the above page from display, follow the below tasks:

Step 1: Edit the session profile is from Configuration tab >NetScaler Gateway -> Policies-> Session.


Step 2:Select Client Experience


Step 3: Scroll down to Advance Setting  and tick to enable,and the tick the box to the right of Client Choices ensuring the left box remains unticked (as this disables it)


Step 4: Logging into Netscaler Gateway page will go straight to the storefront and display your assigned list of applications.


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